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Enzymes for Weight Loss by 100% natural ingredients

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What is WL Enzyme for

WL Enzyme is specially designed and produced to help people to have Weight Loss, sound digestion and keeping human life,  it breaks down catalysts and helps body to absorb them to improve metabolism for normal body.

       Break down nutrients to store in liver or muscle.
       Create organism, cell, bone and skin.
       Increase rate of chemical reactions to activate vitamin/mineral features.
       Help digest.
       Detoxicate Colon, Kidney, Lungs and Skin

How to make WL  Enzyme

The WL Enzyme is made of 100% Natural material and Our patent Lactic Acid together.

      5 Grains (Brown Rice, Soy bean, Wild Rice, Barley, Kaoliang)
      2 Vegetables (Broccoli, Carrot)
      1 Lactic Acid (Pediococcus Acidilactici J9,  Patent pending)

No artificial ingredient included.

How our WL  Enzyme strong enough for Stomach acid

PA J9 (Major Lactic Acid) should be viable for a hour while it passing thru Stomach then it can reach and works in small intestine. It’s viable temperature is 65 and Viable Ph is Ph 3.0.

      Stomach Acid : pH 1.5 ~ 3.5

      Most of competitors Enzyme is not viable due to high acid


Why PA J9 is good for human body

      Make sound and healthy Enzymes
      Restraint Streptococcus pneumoniae  ATCC49619
       Restraint Helicobacter pylori


Who need WL Enzyme

      Everyone (Child, Adult)
      Someone need weight control.
      Underweight, Overweight and Obese
      Someone Need Digest
      Someone need recovery from disease


How to take WL Enzyme

      For Digest  : Take 20g/40g a day
      For Weight control : Take 90g/120g a day
      Ask for others detail instructions


Benefits from  WL Enzyme

Nearly every person can benefit from WL Enzyme (supplementation with enzymes).

As various researches proves, even healthy people may improve their absorption and utilization of nutrients through the use of digestive enzymes. People taking enzymes may notice increased energy, less fullness after meals, decreased gas, and more regular bowel habits.

WL Enzyme is all-natural, vegetarian supplements provide relief and maintain good health without the common side effects of antibiotics and NSAID drugs.

In addition, some people are able to reduce or discontinue medications or supplements they were on after starting enzymes.

Enzymes are a non-prescription item, and considered a food by the FDA.